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10:30am - 7:30pm


10:30am - 9:30pm


12pm - 9:30pm



2906 Peach Orchard Rd. 

Augusta, GA




We are really from Philly The Meat The Cooks and the bread. Family owned and operated famous for doing what we love preparing a cheesesteak is an art form to us and we take it very seriously. Through out the North cheesesteaks are considered to be food for the Gods. In Philadelphia, it is common to find a steak shop competing for the royal crown of being the best in town. Currently, my husband Philly-D holds the crown for slinging the best stesaks and water ice in Southwest Philadelphia. We founded our first restaurant with our two sons in the colony plaza Augusta, GA where we began handcrafting sandwiches and developing our family technique where I began the Queen of Steaks. To assure you receive authentic quality and taste every time, we import the meat and bread straight from the heart of Southwest Philadephia. You can taste it in every bite. Most importantly, Philly is where Philly-D and I met shortly falling in love.


Peace, Love, and CheeseSteaks,

Ms. La-La

The Queen of Steaks

Top Sellers

12" CheeseSteak


12" Chicken Ch Steak


12" Mushroom Steak


12" Bell Pepper Steak


12" Bacon Ch Steak


12" Kitchen Sink




12" Jack Sticker


12" Block Boy


Philly CheeseSteak Factory Commercial

The Philly CheeseSteak Factory Reality Show! - Brought to you by The Queen of Cheese Steaks herself.

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